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The Horizon Adventure 5 Treadmill

The best compact treadmills

To fit more fitness into your life, you need a treadmill that fits where you live.

Find the best compact treadmill for your living space

Horizon Fitness has some of the best compact treadmill machines for walkers and runners alike

Simple to put together, easy to use, and built to last, Horizon makes it possible to get the best compact treadmill workout every time you make space in your schedule – and your home.

Photo of a woman next to a Horizon compact treadmill

All the features you need for your best workout.

Horizon Fitness treadmills have smart features so you can get the best compact treadmill workout possible. Our hydraulic folding technology makes our machines some of the best compact treadmill options on the market. Horizon Fitness treadmill machines are built to be compact – they’re easy to fold out when you need them and stash away when you don’t.

They’re built for stability, too. You can’t bounce, shake or rock your Horizon compact treadmill no matter how hard you rock your workout. And with quiet motors that hold down the noise on even the toughest workouts, the rest of your household will likely agree that these are the best compact treadmill machines for exercising without disturbing others nearby.

Focus on fitness, not on your equipment.

The best compact treadmill workout is one that lets you focus on fitness, not on your fitness equipment. Horizon electric treadmill equipment comes with easy-to-use consoles – you can program your workout and begin exercising in just seconds. They come audio-ready too, just plug in and go with either your headphones or the built-in speakers.

You’ll have everything you need during your treadmill workouts close at hand with storage options for your cell phone, water bottle, tablet, and remote control. Optimal cushioning on the deck relieves stress on your feet, joints and back, and our longer models with a 60” deck make it easier for runners to really get the lead out. The best compact treadmill is also the most durable, and you can be sure your Horizon treadmill is built to last.

The best workouts start with Horizon Fitness.

At Horizon, we know fitting fitness into your life is not always easy. But we think that with the best equipment, it can be a little easier. That’s why our goal is to design and build the best cardio machines around, whether it’s a treadmill, a rower, an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike .

For us, building the best compact treadmill means focusing on durability because, like you, we like things that last. Your compact treadmill from Horizon will be faithfully ready day after day, no matter how hard you punish it during your workouts.

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