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Create Your Own Custom Intervals Program

Interval training has been a hot topic in fitness this year. Combining short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer durations of active rest can improve cardiovascular health, increase your energy levels and provide fat-burning results long after your workout ends, among other benefits.

Although the Touch console features the medically proven Sprint 8® workout for interval training, it can be beneficial for you to create your own personalized interval program that features sprints and active rests programmed at your pace and duration. Plus, you can come back to the custom program time and time again for excellent health and fitness benefits.

Log in under your user ID and select Vision Fitness Touch Consolea manual program. After starting the manual program, use the on- screen speed slider at the right and go to your preferred “slow” speed. Once the treadmill has reached your “slow” speed setting and you are ready for a faster interval, use the speed slider to go to your “fast” speed setting. Now that you have a “slow” and “fast” speed bubble showing on the slider, all you have to do is touch either one to toggle back and forth. As easy as that, you can now perform intervals for up to 120 minutes (or 2 hours).

You can repeat these steps using the incline slider on the left of the screen to select “high” and “low” incline settings. Now you can quickly and easily toggle back and forth between your “fast” and “slow” and your “high” and “low” settings for your own custom interval-training course, which will be saved in your workout calendar. Any time you would like to repeat this interval course, you can simply log in, go to your workout calendar and repeat the workout from today.

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