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Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Fitness Enthusiast

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to ditch the traditional gifts of ties, socks and shirts and give dad something he really wants (and needs) . . . the gift of fitness!

There are some great options that dad will not only love, but will actually use to help him feel better, move better and look better.

Whether your dad is a fitness newbie or an exercise vet, here are some fitness gifts that he’d love to see this Father’s Day.


Two kettlebells in red



Aside from looking a bit odd, kettlebells are one of the most versatile workout tools available. Whether dad is looking to get his heart rate up or build some crazy strength, kettlebell training will do the trick!

Why would dad want to train with kettlebells? In general, kettlebells add an element of abnormality and instability to weight training. The unique gripping handle along with the almost awkward center of gravity challenges the stabilizing muscles that act on the wrists, elbows, shoulders and spinal column.

Dad can swing them, push them, pull them carry them and add the ever-important element of “fun” to his workout routine.

Kettlebells provide an “all-in-one” gym. Grab a few different sizes and dad has an instant gym at home.


Man holding a Medicine Ball




Much like kettlebells, medicine balls offer a wide variety of exercises and a challenge that dad will love.

Medicine balls are great because they allow users to mimic the movements that we do in everyday life. So while many traditional weight training activities allow us to only move in one plane, med balls allow for movement in all 3 planes.

They’re great for training the core (which will keep dad’s low back healthy and happy), as well as for building strength and power throughout the entire body.

Dad can throw them, slam them, and push them to get a full-body workout.

Medicine balls come in a wide variety of sizes, with some made to bounce while others are designed to absorb the impact of throws and slams.


Resistance Bands



Dad will love the versatility and wide range of uses that continuous loop resistance bands provide.

These are a great strength tool for any home gym and can provide an awesome total body workout.

And, if dad has to travel for work, they can easily fit in a suitcase or travel bag. . . something he’ll definitely appreciate being able to use when away from home.

Dad can attach them to his weight rack, to a door, wrap them around equipment, or utilize his own body to stabilize them for a wide-variety of pushes, pulls, stretches, etc.
These gifts will make it easy for dad to commit to getting fit this Father’s Day, no matter what his fitness goals may be.

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About the writer: Ken Grall is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and owns and operates an Edge Fitness in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more about Ken.




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