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Have Yourself a Mindful Little Christmas

Whether you’re satisfied with your progress using your home fitness equipment or are stressing over trying to squeeze in workouts between holiday activities, finding balance both in and beyond your workouts is tough during the holidays. Although the practice of mindfulness has its benefits (ranging from reduced anxiety to lowered cancer risk) any time of year, the busy holidays and dark, dreary days of late December may be one of the best invitations for bringing this practice into your own life. Check out this article from Psychology Today to learn how “work meditation” can help you release yourself from judgment and relieve, or avoid, stress.

Being mindful is simple, can take as little as a few minutes each day and is likely to lead to a less stressful, happier holiday for you and those around you. Improve your overall level of health and put mindfulness into practice with these steps. Also, Yoga Journal offers some simple tips for bringing mindfulness into your celebrations this year. These tips are great ways to enjoy your holidays more and many of them can also be used to enhance your experience as you stick to your workouts, whether on your Horizon Fitness treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike or in the gym. Think about setting an intention for each workout and renewing your commitment to being healthy in the coming year then notice how this helps you to stick to your exercise program during this busy time and results in better health and satisfaction with your home fitness program.

Weigh In: What are you doing to help balance the demands of your health and fitness with commitments outside of your workouts? Share your experience!

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