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How to do a Snatch
Olympic Weightlifting for Functional Training Style Workouts: Mastering the Snatch
Olympic Weightlifting, also simply called Weightlifting, is growing in popularity, due largely to its inclusion in functional fitness style workouts. 
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Cross Training using Weights and Bars
Getting Started with Weightlifting: Choosing Bars and Plates for Home Workouts
Daily exercises are widely available for use at home and can be found online through generators and apps.  While many
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Shin Box Switch
Exercises You Should Be Doing, But Probably Aren’t: Shin Box Switch
Next up in my “Exercises You Should Be Doing” series is the Shin Box Switch.  Despite the crazy name, you’re
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Why Resistance Bands are the Perfect Strength Training Tool
No matter what your fitness goals are, resistance bands should be a part of your workout routine. Not only do
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Lose Baby Weight
6 Ways to Get Back in Shape Post-Baby
The days, weeks and even months after you have a baby can be quite a whirlwind. You’re sleep-deprived, riding an
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The Ultimate Treadmill Circuit Training Workout (That You Can Do At Home!)
Adding a treadmill into your circuit style workouts provides a convenient option that can improve the quality of your training. Including
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Goblet squat
Two Daily Workouts for Doing Functional Training at Home
While the words functional training might bring to mind images of buff young athletes performing muscle-ups and throwing around heavy weight,
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joint pain exercises
6 Tips for Exercising with Joint Pain
Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches and soreness in any of the body’s joints and is a common problem among
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Kettlebell for Functional Fitness
Is Functional Fitness Right for You?
How to do Functional Fitness at home | Part 1 of 2 Emphasizing functional but constantly varied workouts, functional fitness is
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Battling Ropes for Your Home Workout
How To Set Up Functional Training At Home
How to do Functional Training at home | Part 2 of 2 Good, Better, Best — Which home gym setup is right for
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