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How to Add A Home Gym For The Family
Time, travel, crowds, weather, family, work . . . these are just a handful of the excuses people have when
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Feet on Treadmill
How to Start Running on a Treadmill
Running for fitness, weight loss, or simply as an aerobic exercise remains popular for good reasons. It’s simple, convenient, and
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Matrix Home Line - Treadmill, Ellipticals, Bikes, and More
Matrix Fitness Launches New Commercial Quality Home Line
Is it really possible to get a professional gym workout at home? Commercial machines are built to meet the high
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Have the Courage to Try Sprint 8 – It’s for Beginners too!
You may have heard about the scientifically proven Sprint 8 program that will blast up to 27% of your body
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Want to lose weight by running on the treadmill? Horizon Treadmill
Treadmill Workouts That Will Instantly Kick Start Your Metabolism
Want to lose weight by running on the treadmill? Throw these workouts into your training mix to keep your body
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Quantified Self Can Help Us Reach Our Goals
Make Your Lifestyle Deliver Results with Quantified Self
Looking back, the 1990s elicit a lot of nostalgia for people my age. For those of us who remember that
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Make Your Heart Happy with a Heart Healthy Diet
In addition to regular cardiovascular exercise and quitting tobacco use, making heart healthy diet choices is an important action that will
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How to Improve Heart Health with Exercise
Exercise for appearance or performance often takes a back burner to getting (and keeping) our body healthy.  National Heart Health
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Heart Month - How to Keep Heart Healthy
When to Worry About Heart Health
February is National Heart Health Month, an effort to increase awareness of this leading killer of both women and men
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How I Learned to Love the Elliptical (Hint: it has to do with a Heart Rate Monitor)
As a runner, I used to dread my off-days. I know running every day isn’t good over the long term.
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