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Strength and Cardio Training: Should They Mix?
Strength and cardiovascular training methods are often at odds. Many people train in strictly one or other, believing that the
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Exercise Recommendations for Cancer Survivors
Getting back to exercise may be the last thing on your mind after cancer treatment — but it may be the best
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Living With Flat Feet
It may surprise you to learn that we are all born with flat feet. The arches on the insole of
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Is Marriage Really Good for Your Health?
Marriage is good for you, according to numerous studies. I know for a fact that it’s good for providing love, happiness
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Six Supplements that Could Improve Your Workouts and Your Health
Working out regularly on your Horizon Home Fitness Equipment can go a long way towards getting and keeping yourself fit,
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Improve Your Breathing, Improve Your Performance
Blinking, the beating of your heart, swallowing - these are all things we do countless times a day, often without
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10 Ways to Keep Your Cool When Exercising in the Heat
Like many athletes, I spend each winter counting down the days until spring. I am not a fan of running
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Athletes: Tips to Stay Fit in the Off-Season
As a runner, I look forward to fall because it’s race season. I train hard throughout spring and summer so
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How to Use Periodization Training in your Cardio Workout
There are many potential stumbling blocks that may pop up as you pursue your fitness goals. Plateaus, overuse injuries and
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How Much Exercise Does it Take to Make a Difference?
Getting results from your home fitness equipment may be more attainable than you think. It's easy to feel like there's
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