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Test a Treadmill Before You Buy – The 5 & 5 Demonstration

Once you step into a fitness equipment retailer, it can become daunting to think about trying out all of your options. Aside from checking out aesthetics, testing the performance of a piece of equipment, including a treadmill, is equally important. Here are a couple of tips to help you through the process.

I like to demonstrate the best qualities of our new T40 and TF40 treadmills with what I call the “5 & 5” Rule. It really helps display the durability, quietness and stability of our treadmill frames and consoles. Start by placing a set of car keys and any loose change you can gather into the side cup holders. Turn the treadmill on and touch the 5 percent incline and the 5 mph buttons on the console. Then stand four to five feet from the treadmill. If you’re the sales person, ask the customer to do this. By standing back from the machine, you will notice the console’s ‘ease of use’ as well as the great aesthetics (especially the Touch screen).

Proceed to jog or run on the treadmill. What you will see is not only a quiet and comfortable looking treadmill, but one that is well-built, reliable and sturdy without any shaking or side-to-side wobbling. If the treadmill is leveled properly on the floor, the keys and change will not make a sound!

Try this test and you will agree that the Vision Fitness treadmill is a top-of-the-line piece of fitness equipment.

How to Eliminate Elliptical Noise

The only noise you want to hear when working out on your elliptical is your music, or the sound of those calories burning up! Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and noise can occur over time from using your elliptical. Not necessarily caused by worn parts, noises can occur with use of your machine as bolts loosen. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your elliptical in tip-top shape!

Elliptical Maintenance

First thing to check is your owner’s manual for the maintenance that needs to be done (this can vary per model). Generally that starts with making sure the machine is level. There are adjustable levelers at the bottom of the elliptical frame, which you can raise or lower (one or both) to level the elliptical. Using a carpenter’s level to assist with leveling is recommended. Once you have the unit leveled, lock the levelers in placed by tightening the nuts against the frame.

Elliptical levelers *NOTE: Some ellipticals do not have levelers.  

Assembly Joints

After verifying that the Elliptical is level, you can look through the assembly steps and verify that the unit is assembled properly (all the washers in place and in the correct spot). While checking the assembly joints it is important to go through and tighten them. Tightening the assembly hardware is something that should be being done monthly. Please reference the pictures below to check hardware and joints.

Link Arm / Handlebar Connection*:

Elliptical link arm

*Verify hardware in Manual is present. Shake the joint in all directions to see if any noise is created. If noise is present, tighten hardware and/or add additional washers to eliminate any gaps.

Pedal Arm / Crank Arm Connection**:

Elliptical pedal arm

**Verify hardware in Manual is present. Shake the joint to see if the crank arm is loose. If the end of the pedal arm has a plastic cover, check to see if the seam of the cover is catching or separated.

Link Arm / Pedal Arm Connection***:

Elliptical link arm connection

***Please make sure that every washer shown on the Assembly Step is present. Tighten hardware as needed.

These are two very important troubleshooting steps that take care of the noise issues. However if you are still experiencing noise after trying the above steps, please check our YouTube channel for additional tips and information. Otherwise, contact the local dealer where you purchased your machine, as they should be able to help you out further.

Fitness Equipment and the Sound of Silence

An important issue to consider when purchasing fitness equipment for the home is how much noise it will make. A quiet machine will make it easier to enjoy your workouts, whether you like to listen to music, watch TV or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Also, people tend to work out at different times throughout the day, and many of you enjoy working out either late at night or in the early morning. Our elliptical and suspension trainers are the perfect fit for you! When compared to nearly every elliptical trainer in the specialty market, we have not found a quieter home product. Try them out for yourself and test them against other brands, and you will see that this makes for an easy decision when you’re concerned with not disturbing others in the house.