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Treadmills – To Lubricate Or Not To Lubricate?

Ensure Maximum Life Of Your Treadmill With Lubrication

Proper maintenance for your treadmill, including lubrication, is a must do! Depending on your model, you may sometimes have to lubricate the running deck with paraffin wax. The reason for applying wax to the running deck is so the running belt moves smoothly over the deck surface. The wax reduces the friction between the two, thus creating a longer life span for your running belt and deck. Note: please refer to your owner’s manual for any questions regarding maintenance for your specific machine, but here are some pointers.

Please note that if you have had your running belt and deck replaced in 2012 and after, it is possible you have a maintenance-free running belt and deck. If you are unsure, please call tech support at 800-335-4348 and we can assist you in figuring that out. If you have a maintenance-free running deck and belt, do not put any wax, or any type of lubricant on your treadmill. They are made so the running belt is infused with wax, and will run smoothly onto the deck, requiring no maintenance from you!



If your treadmill running deck does require wax, it is a fairly straight forward procedure. We recommend the use of a SLic-STik, which is a wand with wax on the end, and it makes it a fairly easy process.

How To Lubricate Your Treadmill

  1. Start off by turning off and unplugging the treadmill.
  2. Loosen the rear roller bolts with an Allen wrench to allow the belt to be lifted up from the sides of the deck.
  3. Clean and clear the deck of foreign debris. Inspect the deck for signs of wear. If large deep scratches are present or the black coating has worn to wood color, the deck should be flipped to a good side or replaced.
  4. If surface is OK, lift the side of the belt and insert SLic-STik under the belt to wax the surface. Generously apply the SLic-STik to the deck from front to back using a back and forth movement concentrating on the center surface area of the deck.
  5. Remove the SLic-STik from under the belt and adjust the belt back to its proper tension. Plug the treadmill in and it is ready to use.

A Vision Fitness treadmill deck should be lightly waxed every 500 miles to insure maximum life of the treadmill components, but it is better to wax more often than to wait too long. However it is important to note that over-waxing can have a negative effect, such as belt thumping or excess wear of components.

Following these guidelines can help keep your treadmill in great working condition. If you want to purchase a wax stick for your Horizon or Vision Treadmill, you can by calling tech support at 800-244-4192 or 800-335-4348.




Running Deck Cushioning – What Sets Vision Fitness Apart

Spring is finally here! You’re not about to start over with your fitness at square one like last year. You’ve set yourself up for success by training all winter long on your Vision Fitness treadmill. Today is the day you are going to go outside and test your winter training. Fast forward one hour later – you may not have done as well as you thought. And your legs ache? You’ve run more miles on than this on the treadmill, so what is wrong?

First of all, do not be discouraged. The smooth cushioned surface of the running deck on a Vision treadmill is actually easier on your joints than running on outside terrain. Although we strive for optimal comfort, we understand you may not be doing all of your running indoors, so with our treadmills, we try and keep realistic design and functionality in mind.

Our deck itself is a firm piece of wood, offering you support, while our deck cushioning where the deck attaches to the frame gives you a softer cushioning that transitions with you with each stride. The deck cushioning on our treadmills is designed to absorb the impact of your foot planting at the front of the deck, and increases in firmness as your stride carries through to push off into the next stride. If you think of how running shoes are designed, it is a similar concept, simulated to give you a comfortable, natural feel.

Some other companies use a flexible deck, which is like a springboard. Running on a trampoline does not compare to running outside, so why do it? Keep it realistic with our Vision Fitness treadmills and our variable cushioning. An active and healthy lifestyle is something you will never regret! Let us help you set yourself up for success and year round fitness with our comfortably realistic treadmills.